MODA In The News

MODA Studios Wins National Design Award!

Takara Belmont is pleased to announce that we have selected two winners for our Cutting Edge Design competition for the second quarter of 2016. The winners are MODA Studios in Redwood City, CA, and The Glossary Salon in Overland Park, KS.


MODA Studios, Redwood City, CA

The salon’s design inspiration was influenced by luxury salons and spas the owners visited in Europe and North America. “We wanted to provide a relaxing environment, and bring a luxury salon design to the Silicon Valley suburbs that is typically found only in major US cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or New York. The end result certainly exceeded all of our expectations but is still perfectly aligned with our original vision of providing a luxury, and innovative salon design for our hi-tech clients, and an ergonomically friendly space for our staff.”

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